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SWS (Soudal Window System)

uPVC Cream Cleaner

PVCu Cream Cleaner is a high quality non settling blended material that has mild abrasive perfumed cleaning properties.


A naturally coloured, non tainting general purpose cleaner containing a mild abraisive which will cut through grease, dirt and stubborn stains leaving a sparkling fnish.


Shake bottle well. Soak a clean absorbent cloth with PVCu Cream Cleaner then simply wipe the surface clean of contaminates. For stubborn stains, apply more cleaner to the cloth, press firmly and rub in a circular motion. This process can be repeated where necessary. Polish up the cleaned surface with a dry cloth for a bright finish. It is the user’s responsibility to dispose of all packaging correctly.




1 Litre packed 1 x 12

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