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Cutter & Tools


Cartridge Cutter

Cut cartridges easily and safely with our cartridge cutter.

Joint Smoothing Tool

Silicone sealant smoothing tool, for a smooth professional finish.



Heavy duty non-woven wipes impregnated with a mixture of solvents, biodegradable non-ionic. Applications: Designed for removing paint and other associated soilings such as inks, adhesives, sealants, oils and greases from hands, tools and non-porous surfaces.

Silicone Scaper

This all purpose universal scraper is great for scraping the old layer of silicone. Flat, flexible end is great for getting the job done effortlessly. Smaller pointed end is perfect for scraping the notorious corners. It is made out of special material to avoid damage to the surface.

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Product Remover


Silicone Remover

Terpene based, easy to use cleaning agent for the removal of cured silicones and MS Polymers removal of all types of cured silicone and MS Polymer based sealants from all sorts of substrates. Liquid gel, easy application by brush. Non-sagging, fast & effective.

Cured PU Foam Remover

For the quick and easy removal of cured polyurethane foam residues from non-porous surfaces such as plastics, metals and PVCu.


Sealant Remover

A ready-to-use and fast working spray based on terpenes for removing hardened silicones and MS Polymers. Can be applied on most surfaces, including aluminium, coatings, ceramics, laminated board, paint and certain plastics.
Applications: Fast-working, does not drip, specially for silicones and MS Polymers and spray action.

Adhesive Remover

Transparent solvent mixture suitable for removing fresh glue stains and for the cleaning and degreasing of metal surfaces. Applications: Transparent solvent mixture suitable for removing fresh glue stains. Cleans brushes, palette knives and spatulas. Removes hard excess contact glue. Not suitable for polystyrene and plexiglas.

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Compact Foam Gun

Polyurethane Foam Gun

•  Used for Foam applications

•  With Flow Adjustment Screw

•  Plastic body

Compact Foam Gun Extension

Polyurethane Foam Gun

•  Used for Foam applications

•  Plastic body


Tyne & Trent (Airflow II)

Pneumatic Sealant Applicators

•  Pneumatic Applicator for Cartridges and Sausages

•  Dispenses 310ml, 400ml and 600ml packs

•  Available in 2 standard barrel lengths (Aluminium)

•  Tethered Piston and Plunger action

•  Quick exhaust valve minimizes 'flow on'

•  Easily adjustable pressure regulator

JM 148 A-B (Bull Dog)

Manual Sealant Applicators

•  9" Cradle Type

•  Smooth Rod

•  Built in seal Punch on handle


JM 108 DT (Rabbit)

Manual Sealant Applicators

•  9" Cradle Type

•  Smooth Rod

•  Reinforce rib on edge of body

MS 168 C (Camel)

Manual Sealant Applicators

•  600ml capacity, Smooth Rod

•  Built in seal Punch on handle

•  Aluminium Tube

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