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Soudafix VE400-SF: Image

Chemical Anchor

Soudafix VE400-SF

Two-component anchoring resin

Soudafix VE400-SFis a two-component
anchoring resin for the pressure-free securing of threaded rods (ETA: M8-M30), studs, reinforcement bars (ETA: Ø8-Ø32), threaded collars, profiles etc in various solid and hollow materials, such as cracked and uncracked concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, porous concrete, natural stone (see remarks), plasterboard walls, etc…


Securing of heavy loads in solid and hollow building materials. Pressure free anchoring even close to edges. Can be used as repair mortar.


dark grey after mixing


280 ml cartridge for standard skeleton
gun, 380 ml for use with special two-component gun.

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