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Soudabond 6341PA: Image

Industrial Adhesive

Soudabond 6341 PA

One component, solvent free, ready to use, universal, construction adhesive


Soudabond 6341 PA is a 1-component, solventfree, ready to use, universal, construction adhesive based on polyurethane. Excellent adhesion, fast build-up of strength and fast curing when moistened.


  • All kinds of bonding in the industry.

  • Bonding of rigid plastic panels.

  • Bonding of soft and hard polystyrene.

  • Bonding of a.o. polyether, polyurethane and polystyrene foams, metal foils, felt, textiles, cork, both among themselves as on paper, cardboard, wood, chipboard and metal.

​Color:  Yellow/brown

​​Packaging: 200 L drum

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